Please copy and paste the "Ordering Items" of ① ~ ⑥ below

① Character (or picture):
② Size:  mm
   ※ Please write Millimeter.
③ Typeface:
④ Type: (Hakubunin(white character) / Syubunin(red character))
⑤ Intended use:
  (picture letter / Painting / Japanese calligraphy / ceramics / other)
   ※ It is a clue for us to create design
⑥ (In the case of a name stamp with an illustration) Specific design:
   ※ Please look for your desired design from RAKUIN-KOUSAKUSHITSU sample images.
   ※ example ("flower" page, 2nd from the top, 3rd from left)
○ Multiple orders, please fill in the each item of each of your order.

Press the [ 確 認 ] button below After filling.

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Ordering Items

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